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We are the Snow RATS, a team of three Kingston students crossing the Eurasian continent by road (or lack thereof) in July and August 2017. Specifically, we are one of the few Canadian teams entering the Mongol Rally, an international motor expedition from London, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The rally is not a race; there is no route and no organized support. It is a challenge of personal grit, roadside auto mechanics, and deep cross-cultural cooperation. We will cross 20 countries and over 14,000 km of paved roads, dirt tracks, mountain passes, and open desert. Our vehicle will be a tiny old car with a 1L engine and a few rolls of duct tape. We will be roughing it, camping, eating local food, and making a genuine effort to connect with the people we meet along the way. We'll be producing a short documentary of the expedition with a focus on the people and communities we meet. We hope to change Canadian perceptions of life in the Middle East and Central Asia. You can support us by donating to Cool Earth. We believe Cool Earth is an important charity because they are fighting climate change by empowering aboriginal peoples who live in environmentally important ecosystems. Take a look around the website to learn more. Contributors will receive rewards to thank them for their support. Scroll down to find out more!

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Team Snow RATS is Sam Grant, Kevin Laporte, and Sam Anderson.

Why are we circumnavigating a third of the planet? We have three main objectives:

To Learn. Most Canadians' knowledge of the Middle East and Central Asia is limited to what little we see on the news. We want to experience firsthand the cultures and peoples across this vast land and to develop responsible and open world views with which to lead our personal and professional lives.

To Save The Planet. We can all do our part to improve the world for our children. We are focusing on climate change and its effects on aboriginal peoples. We hope to raise over $1600 (£1000) for Cool Earth, a charity combatting rainforest degradation by enabling the conservation efforts of the people who live within them. (

To Share. The most important aspect of this expedition is bringing what we learn back home to youth in Canada. We will be documenting our expedition, through fortnightly video blogs in the lead up, on social media, and in the form of a professional-quality short documentary of our experiences. The main purpose of our documentation will be to highlight the shared identity and humanity of people everywhere, and in particular the diverse interpretations of happiness, community, and environmental conservation.

Contributor Rewards

We've put together some rewards to recognize your invaluable support. All levels include all lower levels' rewards. Note: Cool Earth is a British charity and thus accepts donations in GBP.

Any Amount: Our eternal thanks, your name in the doc credits, and a fully embroidered expedition patch. Check out the mockup in the photo gallery below!

$25/£16: A personalized postcard written by the team from a destination of your choice on the route. Tehran, Samarkand, Ulaanbaatar? You decide.

$100/£62: We'll bring you back a souvenir from a country on our route. Specific requests accepted, or let us surprise you!

Please include your e-mail or other contact information when you make a donation so we can contact you.



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