Rickshaw Run Jan 2018: Eat, Sleep, Drive, Rupeet

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Next January, in an attempt to cause irreparable psychological damage to themselves, Joe Geake, Harriet Oliver, and Mike Richardson have opted to drive the length of India in a Tuk-Tuk. What a bunch of donuts... A Tuk-Tuk is a majestic and perfect device for traveling 3000 kilometres, much in the same way that a cheese-grater is the perfect device for shaving one's posterior; it gets the job done, albeit being a terrible pain in the arse. Their team, known as Eat, Sleep, Drive, Rupeet (a cataclysmic pun if you ask me, but I'm just a fictional third-person narration device aiming to make the donuts sound professional, so what do I know), are attempting such a feat to raise money for this here charity (and a few others) and it would simply wonderful if you could help them to help the trees. I mean, trees are quite lovely, why would you not... Plus the Trump-o-lump clearly hates trees, so what a marvellously passive-aggressive way to stick it to him? Eat, Sleep, Drive, Rupeet... Sod it. ESDR for short. ESDR will be filming, photographing, and writing along the way so you can follow their (lack of) progress down India. Apparently the team is very excited and they hope that I will inspire you to donate to Cool Earth and follow along their adventure. Do you feel inspired? SAVE. THE. TREES. loveyoubye (from Third-Person Narration Device) xxx

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Greetings! Third-Person Narration Device here again.

I thought you might like to know a bit more about the team, so buckle up and prepared to be thoroughly underwhelmed.

Geake by Name, Not by Nature:
AKA Joe Geake. Pretty used to getting smashed in the nuts by massive 'orses. Should be a great addition, when it comes to rolling cigs and driving. Way too tall, waste of space.

The chatterbox one:
AKA Harriet Oliver. Seems reasonably organised and prepared, until some cider enters the mix, then moderately useless due to being 100% distracted.

The hairy injury-prone one:
AKA Mike Richardson. Abysmally useless. Great in theory, but will inevitably get broken along the way. He is the Fiat of the troupe.

The wise one:
AKA Third-Person Narration Device. The BEST. I have deemed the team too inept to undertake this adventure without a voice of reason. So I shall accompany them to point out every whimsical moment.

Also, did I mention about the trees?

Check out the video below to see what the Rickshaw Run's all about! Video produced by The Adventurists. They're a bunch of donuts too.


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