Rickshaw Rumble to Save the Jungle

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For reasons yet to be understood, our Kiwi/Danish troupe of 6 have decided to attempt the unlikely and navigate two beat-up rickshaws along the length of India........

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While it may be easy to mistake dodging lorries and delhi belly for 10 hours a day as a laid back holiday, it's not all just for fun and games - we are doing so in support of an amazing charity, Cool Earth.

Every penny we raise with your help goes toward keeping our most at-risk rainforests intact, by supporting the indigenous villages that live nearby. Cool Earth works with these villages to provide opportunities and education on earning income while still leaving the rainforests untouched, which has proven to be a much more sustainable method.

Along with our deep and everlasting gratitude, we will also be posting daily updates online so you can follow our thoughts, experiences, and our many many breakdowns through our winding way from Kochi(Kerala) all the way up the west coast to Jaisalmer(Rajasthan).

We will also be putting together a wrap up video afterward, so if there is anything you'd like to see us do / feature in the final video then write it into your donation comment and we will try get as many completed along the way!

Thanks again all - much love xx

Greg - Kim - Sam - Fred - Britt - Tommy

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