Saving the rainforest with the Rickshaw Run!

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So we wanted to do something a little bit different to the normal run of the mill trips around the world! So we elected to cram three 22 year old chaps into a borrowed and customised Rickshaw, to journey a reasonably long way (like 2500km) up the west coast of India from Kochi to Jaisalmer. This is all in order to raise money for a nifty charity called Cool Earth. Cool Earth starts amazing projects to save the rainforests of the world, and true to form, they have also ensured that this trip/death-drive of ours is a carbon neutral adventure! They aid local people around the world, saving culture and the environment from devastation, so we mean it when we say this really is a genuinely decent charity to back and it will make a noticeable difference! The three of us wish to highlight to you, the reader/hopeful donator, that this is actually a pretty damn good cause and we're not just doing this because we fancied a laugh, because that's simply just not it (it will be pretty laughable though!). So please, donate what you can: a penny; a pound or a thousand pounds (that'd really help this process move along nicely) because every little helps! Thanks so much folks, an wish us luck!!! ... because genuinely this trip is worrying...

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