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Thanks for taking the time to visit our page. On 15th July, the three of us will be charging 10,000 miles over the width of Eurasia in a tin can car for 6 weeks with no GPS, no means of communication with the local peoples, and little motoring knowledge on some of the most treacherous roads on the planet. However we will have our long neglected wits and a few podcasts to get us along the way. We are 'The Stannonball Run' and the whole reason for this adventure is truly to raise a shed load of cash for charity. Cool Earth is one of our fantastic causes and the money you give will go to the conservation of rainforests in Maniema, Congo, and Awajun, Peru. This will help to protect over 15,000 animal species which live in these areas. It will also help support the people who rely on these forests. Please give whatever you can, this is, believe it or not, a dangerous challenge for a very important cause. Read more about it in the link below and check out the Cool Earth Website! Thanks Jack, Conor, Jamie

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