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Making The Earth a Cooler Place! On July 2017 we are embarking in a huge adventure, we are going from London to Mongolia in a small car for Charity! Our goal is to raise more than 1000 £ by then. Rules are Simple: 1- Fly to the U.K. and buy an incredibly small (≤ 1.2 Liter/1000cc) and cheap car 2- Make your own route, and drive across Europe and Asia with no backup support along the way. 3- Raise money for charity (Minimum of 1000 £ ) With Your help we are sure we can achieve our goal! Every single dollar counts to make the world a Cooler Place and have and impact in this world. Follow us on our adventure: Facebook: Tavy Stan Mongol Rally Team 2017 Instagram: tavy_stan_mongolrally2017 About COOL EARTH: Cool Earth is an awesome organization that works with indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. But unlike other groups, they don't erect fences, buy land, or create nature preserves. Instead, they take a unique approach by putting local people back in control of their forests. They do this by helping build better schools and health clinics so residents can escape poverty and don't have to sell their land. The guiding philosophy is that villagers stand to lose the most from deforestation but have the most to gain from its protection, so they're the land’s best possible custodians and thus the best ones to decide how the money is spent. That’s why all Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led -- an approach that research has shown to be the most effective way to keep the rainforest standing. So far, the group has saved more than 652,000 acres of land in the Congo, in the Amazon, and in Oceania that was in imminent danger of being destroyed. If you can't afford to lend a hand with a donation, we will equally appreciate if you help us spreading the word to your friends and colleagues on social media and follow our journey by through social media Facebook: Tavy Stan Mongol Rally Team 2017 Instagram: tavy_stan_mongolrally2017 :) Thank You!

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