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Welcome to our fundraising page! It's Briony, Anika, Israel and Joseph from Team Polish My Sausage here, and we've teamed up with The Adventurists to raise as much funds as we can for the amazing climate change-tackling initiatives set up by Cool Earth. What's Cool Earth, I hear you ask? They're a super cool charity who are dedicated to stopping the deforestation of many of the worlds forests and rainforests, by funding and empowering indigenous communities that live within them. They have set up projects with communities in Peru, Papua New Guinea and the Dominic Republic of Congo, working entirely on the idea that a rainforest is only safe when there is a village strong enough to protect it. Not only do they work to save the environment, they have also helped these villages build sustainable incomes, gain access to medical and agricultural education, and set up clean water initiatives to reduce water-born diseases. They have equipped 14 schools, protected over 80 native and endangered species, saved over 150,000,000 trees, and produced over 48,000,000,000 litres of fresh water. So we here at Team Polish My Sausage have dedicated our utterly dumb and dangerous trek from London to Mongolia to help this great cause! Every single cent raised will go to Cool Earth and to the indigenous communities that need it, in order to safe-guard some of the most beautiful and endangered rainforests in the world! Throw a dollar or two our way and watch our team fumble our way through Europe and Central Asia - all in the name of charity!

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Our trip consists of this:
Four people, 10,000miles, one old Polish sausage truck, one map, one finish line, and about half of an idea of how exactly to get there in one piece.

We will be galavanting through Europe, eating our way through Turkey, getting lost on our way to Turkmenistan, camping on the side of the road in Tajikistan, and bribing SO.MANY.BORDER.GUARDS in Russia. All with little-to-no clue of how to do any of it!

Will we make it? Who knows! Does our car actually work? Probably not! But we're sure going to try anyway!

Help us turn this dumb trip into a dumb trip that helps the environment!


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