Thomas Sandy & George do the Mongol Rally 2017

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In July of this year (George, Sandy and Thomas) will be taking part in the Mongol Rally. This entails, driving a Vauxhall Agila (Postman Pat’s van) from London to Ulan Ude, some 10,000 miles away in Russia. This will involve driving through 19 different countries, numerous time zones, deserts and some very dodgy roads, in a vehicle barely suitable for the smooth roads of the UK. The car has done, 106, 000 miles and cost us all of 400 quid. This adventure is going to test our navigation skills, mechanical skills and above all our mental strength to put up with one and another for the 6 weeks! We are doing this in order to raise £500 for Cool Earth, a simply incredible charity that is leading the fight against deforestation, and protecting the communitites it is most dangerously affecting.

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