Holden & Ashley – Rickshaw Run 2017

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Just a few twenty-something's doing our bit to save the rainforest. We will be driving an auto rickshaw, also known as a tuk-tuk, from one end of the Indian Sub-Continent to the other in the August Rickshaw Run, easy right? Our beast of a rickshaw has a total of 7 horsepower, on a good day, and a top speed of 50km on an even better day. With its kick start single cylinder engine that would rival any ride on lawn mower, this is sure to be an adventure of epic proportions. And since the worlds rainforests provide the majority of the worlds oxygen, contain a fifth of the worlds drinking water and provide a home to more than half of our animals and plant life, we think its pretty well worth keeping around :) So we are aiming to raise 1000GBP (thats about $1800NZD) for Cool Earth, an amazing charity working hard to save at risk rainforest. So please support our crazy rain forest saving adventure, every dollar helps!

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