No rainforests, no life.

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Help us save the rainforest. So that our team name does not simply remain a funny pun and we can proudly say: We Tuk it to the limit! Your donation goes directly to cool earth in support of the project described at the bottom of this page (Amazon rainforest). The operator of the rickshaw run "the adventurists" cooperates closely with cool earth and the rickshaw run is indeed a charity run - the only thing to win is an outstanding experience and pride in money raised to 'make our planet great again'. The best way to save the rainforest? Also, pretty obvious: Max and Henri ride a rickshaw 3000kms through India - along with more than a hundred other idiots. Check out the video below - that is going to be us in August. You can also find our awesome rickshaw design below - some Indian artist is going to paint the tuktuk accordingly. For more information on our cool earth charity campaign check this out:

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