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A German, a Spaniard and an Irishman walked into a bar... It sounds like the start of a bad joke but marks the humble beginnings of the Longest Sickie. Nik, Jorge and Paddy will set out this August on a 3,500 km journey across India in the engineering triumph that is the noble tuk-tuk. Our journey will take us from Kochi to Jaisalmer up the west coast of India, with a series of regular stops along the way, Goa, Mumbai and Rajasthan included. ______________________________________________________________ In a bid to offset our rickshaw’s carbon footprint, we are looking to raise funds for the brilliant charity Cool Earth. Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages worldwide to half rain forest destruction. They don’t look to create reserves or siphon off land, but rather work alongside local people to nurture their environment, as well as building better health, better education and better livelihoods to create resilient and empowered villages. __________________________________________________________________________ Three lads, a glorified lawnmower, 3,500 km. There’s never been a better excuse to help save the rain forest. Turn out your pockets! __________________________________________________________________________ “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” - Edmund Burke

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