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I discovered Cool Earth when I signed up for the Mongol Derby, a thousand Km horse race hosted by The Adventurists. The Mongol Derby is more than an adventure, it also requires its participants to raise money for a charity of their choice.This year, the official charity of the Mongol Derby is Cool Earth. Cool Earth is a charity that works with indigenous peoples to stop rainforest destruction by creating economic opportunities for villagers and empowering them to resist logging companies. This awesome opportunity to explore Mongolia, meet its various people, and push my limits while contributing to a good cause is why I chose Cool Earth as my charity.

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It goes without saying that climate change and the destruction of the environment is one of the most pressing matters of our time. Rainforests account for approximate 50% of the plant and animal species on earth yet cover only 2% of its surface. In addition to being a huge contributor to bio-diversity rainforests also help regulate weather patterns, oxygen levels in the atmosphere, and are critical to medical research. Therefore, protecting the rainforests and the people dependent on them for their livelihoods is of paramount importance.

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