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OCEANS, DICTATORSHIPS, FLAT TIRES, BROKEN ENGINES AND MUCH MORE ENTERTAINMENT IN A 7th HAND CAR THIS SUMMER...ALL IN THE NAME OF CHARITY! As part of a challenge to drive from the UK to Mongolia this summer in a shifty little $400 car, we are also looking to raise atleast £1,000 for Cool Earth. Cool Earth helps save the rainforest and take in all our CO2, so anything you can donate will be helping us all. Thanks in advance and in return we promise to keep you entertained this summer.

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To date Cool Earth has saved over 150 million trees, which have taken in 167 million tons of our CO2! They have also turned 48 billion liters of water into drinkable water this year alone.

Please help support this great charity, thanks in advance and in return we PROMISE to keep you entertained this summer.

As part of a dare from Holborn Assets in Dubai, Charles and Adam this summer 2017 will be traveling nearly 12,000 miles on one huge adventure and to keep you entertained this summer with tons of hilarious video content online.

From giving goats a taxi ride to gluing trees and eggs to the car and taking them on a journey around the world, there will be TONS of exciting videos to keep you entertained!


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