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Detour: (noun) 1. a long or roundabout route taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way. 2. take a long or roundabout route. As some of you know, Valantis and I are headed back to Sydney after two fantastic years in San Francisco -- just not via the most straightforward route possible. Instead of crossing the Pacific Ocean in a little under 15 hours, we're meandering our way East over 15 weeks. As part of this, we've signed up for the Rickshaw Run -- a 3,000km Indian adventure in a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower ( The ultimate test of our (not so practical) engineering degrees, ability to navigate as a married couple, and the fortitude of our stomachs. While this is a crazy adventure for us, let's face it, we're not exactly contributing to society or helping the environment by jumping on a plane every week. So here's our plan -- the Rickshaw Run partners with Cool Earth, who work with indigenous communities to protect rainforest that without intervention will be destroyed within the next 18 months. We're jumping on the bandwagon to raise some money. The Rickshaw Run also happens to kick-off the day after my 30th birthday - so if you would otherwise be buying me a drink in a bar somewhere, send your drinks money this way! Erin and Valantis xx

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