Team Laxgolia – Mongol Rally 2017

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Our team, Samuel Galeckyj and Josh Kitchen will drive 18,000km across 22 countries in a 1 litre 1993 Nissan Micra (Older than the both of us) in order to raise money for Cool Earth and other charities that are important to us. The rally is a big contributor to saving the planet, we want to be apart of the hard work that has already gone on. The charity does many great things like putting the local people back in control of the at-risk rainforest and building better schools/clinics. Cool Earth has already saved over 640,000 acres of rainforest as well as protecting over 150 million trees. We want to put ourselves through this challenge and gain as much sponsorship and individual donations as possible to help contribute to the work already done by Cool Earth.

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To start off the fundraising, and to make it a bit more interesting than simply donating, we have decided to raffle off the naming rights of our rally car. All you need to do is add a comment to your donation with what you would like the car to be named, which will then be selected randomly and printed onto the front of our car (Please Sensitise the names you suggest as we are travelling through some very harsh environments that may not take kindly to "banter").

Any donations are welcome whether its a couple of quid, a tenner or even more. Please check us out on social media platforms for regular updates, these will be spammed all over our facebook profiles so check us out and donate to this great cause!!

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