Thats It, Thats All and Coconuts In the Snow…….

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We are 6 mates and two team together participating in the Rickshaw Run in India this August! it’s a 3500km Indian adventure in a 7 horse powered, unstable, glorified lawn mower - she isn't fast, it smells, it falls over around corners, breaks down more often than an emo teenager and after a day of driving it’ll feel like we’ve been kicked up the ass by an elephant. Essentially, it’s not a very good idea. But you know what is a good idea? Donating to this amazing cause called Cool Earth! Cool Earth works alongside indigenous communities to halt rainforest destruction in the Amazon, Congo basin and Papua New Guinea. This charity only protects rainforest that without intervention will be destroyed within 18 months. Now we’re pretty sure you’d agree that the world would be a bit shit without rainforests, they’re indescribably excellent things!

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Whats our Vison:
As we all are winter seasoners you can not lie that 10 years ago there was more snow, you can not lie that the weather is changing and the seasons are shifting with weird out of place heat waves and that the next 10 years will tell a story. We're trying to do something for this earth and at this stage every little bit helps as we love or mountains and the snow that lays on them.

How we came together:
We all meet in Mayrhofen, Austria 3 years ago whilst on a winter season and from there things went down hill rapidly in a amazing fashion of parties and unreal county side to board and explore bring us close together and even though we have

Alex- Kiwi who's been all over the world traveling seasons and done things know one should know about with a cheeky grin that even Judge Judie couldn't jail. Living in France and taking in what the EU has to give.

Freddie- Uk born, north London lad that has done more winters then you have fingers. He loves the backcountry and season life, but at times well he's a dam liability but in the best of ways.

Luke- Uk, Yorky the man him self is a 6'2 dreaded beast of a man with a massive heart that is always there for you. As he has been working in the Burton test factory and making killer boards the snow is like the rest of us our lively hoods.

Petra- Czech, Now this girl is talented with her tattoo art work wowing all around. She is awesome and is the better half to Luke but at 6'3 she wears the pants in that respect.

Josh- Uk, Yorky and the bother to Luke. The only skier of the group he cops a bit of flack. Also a dam good Chef by trade with just as bigger heart as his older bro. He will helping us cook beans on the side of the road while our Rickshaw is broken where expecting.

Matt- UK born, vinyl junkie and kung fu addict. After a couple of years in Berlin he's now based out of London working at Improbable. A games company on a mission to build the Matrix

The World needs a lot of change. Where hoping to get this out there and help Cool earth with its plans to save the rain forest and make a change that you can also be a part of how ever small or grand it all helps

We plan to be filming the whole way so at the end will have an adventure edit or series depending on content filmed to publish on youtube and Facebook.

It will be amazing

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