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Running the Königsschlöser Marathon for charity: As many of you know I like running (I know it's weird!). On 23 July I will not only run 42.2km through the beautiful Bavarian countryside, but raise funds for a great cause. I decided to support Cool Earth and its mission to protect the rainforest and the indigenous communities that depend on it. The charity does amazing work by engaging and supporting communities directly, while preserving their autonomy to decide on their most pressing needs. The health, education and livelihoods of these communities are vital in themselves and for the sustainability of rainforests. As our climate changes, initiatives like these will become ever more important and that is why I am running for Cool Earth and hoping you will generously support me with your donations! For some info on the marathon (which combines running with beautiful castles) and how to sign up: http://www.koenigsschloesser-romantikmarathon.de/marathon.html

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I will be running the beautiful Königsschlöser Marathon on 23 July in the small Bavarian town of Füssen. I thought this a great way of combining my research interest in 19th century monarchy with my passion for running. If this sounds appealing to you, you can still join until end of June!

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