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If you’re still interested, hop over to Etsy and check it out. However I do feel a better deal can be had for a whole lot cheaper. Even buying your own blank Chucks and bringing them to a customizing shop would probably turn out cheaper. To not be totally negative I will say that the shoes are embroidered so the design won’t fade or fall off and the stitching does look top notch.

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The craft site, Etsy has a seller that is taking officially licensed Chucks by Converse and adding the Game of Thrones houses to them. The designs are clear and professional looking and the matching color scheme on the sneakers is a nice touch, however the price of 115 bucks is pretty ridiculous. The sneakers can be gotten for less than half of that and there is no way the additions to them double the value of some canvas shoes.
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If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, do so wisely. Not only are the shoes themselves an investment but you wouldn’t want to claim allegiance to the wrong king.

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