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I have no idea why I agreed to fly 4,364 miles from Madison, WI to Marrakech, Morocco in January 2018. Further, I have no idea why I agreed to board a bus (the mechanical trustworthiness of which I remain highly skeptical) that will take me 350 miles east to Merzouga, Morocco and deposit me somewhere in the Sahara desert. I do know that waiting for me will be a 48 cc Monkey Bike, of the finest Chinese manufacturing origin. It has 2.6 horse power, which is a bit less than an actual horse. I don't know why I agreed to drive this Monkey Bike nearly 1000 km from the Sarhara, across the Atlas Mountains (4000m tall) to the Atlantic Ocean. The good news is that my bike only weighs 165 pounds, which means that when I inevitably break down I will be able to push the bike quite far. At least there are a bunch of crazy friends joining me for this epic adventure. ____________________________________________________________ Why, you might ask? Well, we're doing it for a great cause and a great charity, Cool Earth. They work to preserve the world's rain forests each and every day. You know, those places that cover only 2% of the earth, but hold more than 50% of its plants and animals. Those places where we've discovered a quarter of our medicines (at least, the natural ones). Those places that, when cut down, are contributing more than 20% of C02 emissions and are driving climate change. Those places that 1.6 billion humans call home and depend on. ____________________________________________________________ Cool Earth makes an impact by working directly with those people - the villages on the front line of forest destruction - to help improve their lives and reduce the need to cut down millions of trees each day. By partnering with these locals, Cool Earth is able develop local livelihoods and end the cycles of deforestation that entrench villages in further poverty. Your contribution may go to help train villagers in Peru on how to sustainably farm fish. Or it might go to build health posts and schools in the DRC. Or, it might even go to build water tanks in Papua New Guinea, so that farmers can grow enough food to sustain their families. Wherever you donation goes, you can be sure it is being used to effectively help support those who need it most, while helping to protect the biodiversity of this planet and helping to slow climate change. ____________________________________________________________ Not a bad return on investment at all - and you get the added bonus of following along with some friends and I as we weave our way through Morocco. ____________________________________________________________ Won't you help support us?

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