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King Root APK Download The Rooting an android enables you to unlock a various number of possibilities After rooting your android device one can easily do things which he wouldn’t have done at the first place One of the common ways to root your android device without pc is “Kingroot” But Kingroot isn’t as powerful as the SuperSUA lot of people looking for an easy way to root their android device end up using theKing Root APK Kingroot APP and other rooting apps like Framaroot Although these apps root your android device but their functionality is limited That’s why for people who are looking forward to make complete use of your rooted android device SuperSU is your way out In this guide we will be explaining with steps to replace Kingroot with SuperSU So without wasting a minute more let’s begin with the steps ALSO READ WHAT IS ANDROID ROOTING ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES OF ROOTING AN ANDROID PHONE Although rooting using SuperSU script is the most popular way to root your android device But there are many people who have rooted their phones using Kingroot and instead of having Superuser their phones possess KingUser whose permission is required for making changes to the root An app with root permissions could do things which no other app could do Say an app which manages the root can easily access the data of other apps without the users knowledge We don’t say Kingroot does that but it’s kind of unknown and that’s what makes the app vulnerable So if you’ve installed Kingroot you surely might be looking for steps to convert Kingroot. King Root APk Download Free SuperSU Page Content show Method – Replace Kingroot with SuperSU Easiest WayThis is one of the most easiest way to shift from KingRoot’s KingUser to SuperSU However this method doesn’t work with many devices in case you are not able to replace KingUser with SuperSU you can simply follow the method For those who haven’t tried Follow the easy steps listed below to remove KingRoot’s KingUser and replace it with SuperSU Go to the PlayStore Install SuperSU Download SuperSU officially Give it permission as a SuperUser Uninstall KingRoot Update SuperUser Binary and Restart the device Voila you’ve replaced your KingUser with SuperSU However if the steps in the above method didn’t work for you you don’t have to worry much and head towards the next method listed below which works for most of the devices Method Remove KingRoot’s KingUser with SuperSU using Terminal Requires Intermediate skills King Root APk Download for Android This method works for almost all the android devices and works the best However it requires some decent skills to follow the instructions and copy the commands listed below into the Terminal app The link of the script which is shared below works without a computer systemPC Hence the steps I’m listing below won’t require a computer PC So are you ready Downloads This download section has the download links to the files or apps you will require to complete the below listed steps Ready to shift from KingUser to SuperSU What are you waiting for lets begin King Root APP Download Download Install Terminal Emulator for Android Download “Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU-vzip” and unzip the file Steps to Replace KingUser with SuperSU Step Extract the Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU ZIP File Transfer the extracted version to Internal storage of device Install the Terminal app for Android and extract the Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU file and after extracting the Replace_Kinguser_with_supersu file transfer the “Extracted Folder – MRW” to outermost directory in the internal storage

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