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Hi guys, we are off on another adventure, this time into the the Indian Himalayan Ranges. We know it isnt safe, we know a 7hp glorified rickshaw isnt the best vessel to transport us and we sure as hell know that we aren't the best people for the task at hand, but what we do know is that if we can make a positive impact through our adventures, we sure as hell will. This is why we are fundraising for Cool Earth. These guys are saving rain forests and helping the indigenous communities that are affected by deforestation - we feel that we'd like to help out too. With your help, we can all make a difference.

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Effective rainforest conservation isn’t about buying trees. Or putting up fences. Or writing petitions to save endangered species. It’s about real people harnessing their own potential to improve and grow. That’s how we keep the rainforest standing.

Cool Earth works hand in hand with indigenous communities to educate them the importance of the world rainforests. To make them understand that receiving a cash payment from these big logging companies wont protect their futures.. the forest is their home, it supplies food, water, shelter and enhance their everyday living. Without it, they will end up in the cities, the forests will be chopped down, and their future generations wont live the way they should.



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