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Hello world. A few months ago someone tagged my mate Craig (TheBandicoot) in a crazy clip on facebook that showed these dudes traveling the whole of India, North to south in a shitbox three wheeled motorbike called a Rickshaw. These sorry excuses of over land transport have a maximum speed of 50kmph (down hill) and are prone to breakdowns but the adventure had along the way looked awesome. Bandicoot was in straight away but we needed a third person for the team and to our shock, my wife Karina said it looked fun and she was keen as mustard to do the trip with us. So The Rickshaw Run was born.No set route, no back-up, no way of knowing if you're going to make it. The only certainty is that you will get lost, you will get stuck and you will break down. This event is run every year and raises money for Cool Earth.If you can, please donate and follow our progress as we try our best to finish this 2500km adventure. The charity spends just 10% of your donation on admin and governance making sure as much as possible goes to project areas. Through working with local people Cool Earth makes sure conservation goes hand in hand with better livelihoods.

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