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Me and Tania are at it again. Pioneering a test race in OUR glorified Lawn Mower Tuk Tuk 'The Stealth Snail' across the Himalayas. Why is a Rickshaw the perfect machine to climb the Himalayas? Because - they're not. The engine is 4.5bhp (if you're lucky). They have tiny wheels and bad suspension, not suited to unpaved roads. They have no protection from the elements. And they're incredibly unreliable. All of this pretty much guarantees we will bite off more than we can chew and something will go wrong. And there's this too: At 5,500 metres above sea level you'd be forgiven for being a bit short of breath. Fortunately with an engine displacement of just 145cc our rickshaw wont even have started panting. Probably. The other advantage of that tiny engine is that it barely needs refuelling. Handy when the fuel stations are literally hundreds of kilometres apart. Why are we doing this? were not sure. BUT whats important here is we are doing it to Raise Money for Rain Forests! please DONATE what ever you are able in support of this worthy yet ridicules venture!

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