Fear and Loathing in India

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This August, in no more than what can be described as a washing machine propped-up on three wheels, we will commence our intrepid (possibly ludicrous) adventure from the very bottom of India to the top in a rickshaw.

The starting line is in Kochi, a major port in the south of India which is situated between the Arabian and Laccadive Sea. In just over three weeks, we'll attempt to travel north from Kochi to 'The Golden City' that is Jaisalmer - located in the sandstone heart of Rajasthan.

Our brilliant red auto-Chevrolet-Impala-rickshaw will help us navigate the ever-changing landscape and staying true to character; our attire will be only Hawaiian shirts, beige bucket hats and khaki shorts - some factor fifty too, no doubt.

The plan will be to keep the coast line to our left as we journey up the west coast to the finish line. We'll be armed with steely determination, wanderlust, vivacity, eclectic Hawaiian shirts, probably more khaki stuff, airtight travel insurance, cameras and almost certainly a dicey GPS signal (no mescaline).

We have two goals. Firstly, to remain in tact and to arrive safe and sound at the finish line. Secondly, to raise funds for Cool Earth. Cool Earth is a UK based NGO and their funding goes towards protecting the rainforest, combating global warming, conserving ecosystems and to also provide employment for local people.

Our goal is to raise atleast £1K for their cause.

Your donation, be it large or small, will go towards building sustainable livelihoods, better schools, improved clinics and the empowerment of partner villages to monitor their forest and secure it from illegal logging.

In the words of Raoul Duke, ‘Let’s get down to brass tacks’.


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