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Hi there! We are Team unBEARable. This summer, we are doing the Mongol Rally – to raise £1000 for saving the planet. Please help us to achieve this goal, by donating here now!

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We are Team unBEARable – Eslie, Zsolt, and Timur. Two dudes from Hungary and one half-Russian/half-German guy. We are one of the teams on the Mongol Rally 2017. This means we will be driving 10.000 miles through a lot of countries called 'stan, all the way to Mongolia, in a tiny 1993 Suzuki Swift with an even tinier 1.0L engine that we bought for a few bucks from a Hungarian scrapyard – to raise £1000 for saving the planet.

Our journey starts on 18 July in Prague, Czech republic. We hope to arrive in Ulan-Ude, at the Baikal lake, by end of August. We are regularly posting updates about the trip on our blog:

What is the Mongol Rally, you ask? Check it out:

The goal of all this is to raise at least £1000 for Cool Earth. They do reforestation projects to counteract CO2 emissions and climate change (and unlike Donald Trump, we think climate change is a pretty big deal). The cool thing about Cool Earth is that they are doing this very cost-effectively and in a way that is actually transparent and quantifiable! For example, the independent charity evaluator estimate that Cool Earth is able to reduce emissions by 1 tonne of CO2-equivalent for every $1.34 donated. So you know where your money is going. Long story short, if you like our Mongol Rally trip and are reading our blog, please donate some money here to support us!!! If every one of you helps just a little bit by donating NOW, we can reach our goal of raising £1000. Every penny goes directly to Cool Earth (no, we won't use any of it for beer or spare car parts! :)

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