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Hello! Our names are Henry and Dominic, and we are two school friends from Dorking, at the heart of Mole Valley. Ever since an epic road trip to the Isle of Skye in 2015, we have dreamed of pushing ourselves and going bigger.. much bigger.. to Mongolia! This will push our knowledge of driving, mechanics, navigation and friendship to the brink, but also give us the opportunity to raise money for a fantastic cause in Cool Earth. And its all in a beaten up VW Polo!. As the Mole Valley Merchants, we want to venture off down the historic Silk Road bringing the joys of our homely goods through 20 countries and across 10000 miles. Please help! Any donations will allow you the chance to have a sticker of your face or image of choice on our car.

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£20-40: If you are a business, your donation will get you a free car sticker of your company on our car!

£10-20: If you are a friend send us an image of your house and that can be stuck on too!

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