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This valley is one of the world’s most at-risk areas, with illegal logging and coca destroying the forest. By linking villages together, Coolearth is shielding millions of acres of neighbouring forest from loggers. THEY'VE PROVEN IT WORKS Satellite imagery shows that Coolearth's Asháninka partners have lost less than 1% of their forest, compared to the regional rate of 28% - a third of the forest lost. DONATE TO ASHÁNINKA...it is not somebody else's problem, it's ours.

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Picture the scene, you take your bike (a crappy Monkey Bike 90cc) to the shops at home, and return with the milk you set off for. It's not too exciting is it? Now imagine you failed to get milk, took a wrong turn, ended up in the heart of the Amazon, broke down, and had to fix your bike with true grit, a lump of rock and some swear words. In the dark. With snakes slithering over your toes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

And it would be at this point that you'd probably realise that this might just be the best way for a human being to spend 8 days...obviously while helping raising money for the rainforest.

This Peruvian event starts somewhere near Ayacucho and finishes more or less in Atalaya; no gps, nothing planned, just a motorbike and a team of two idiotic adventurers...wanna see it done? Then just help us raise some money for the rainforest and we will tire you to death whenever (if ever) we come back!

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