Racing in the Mongol Derby for Cool Earth

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Our world is changing, we are changing. But what never changes is the inspiration we get from breathing in clean, fresh air in the morning. Let's keep it that way for our children and their children! I am hoping to have 35 friends and family members donate $20 (£15) each to save in total at least 8 acres = 1 polo field of rain forest for the next ten years, but seriously any pledge will help!

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Why Cool Earth?
Saving the pristine nature of this earth starts with the rain forest – in a nutshell it captures CO2, reduces climate change, and preserves its pristine beauty for generations to come. I am sure you all know that so that's nothing new. But Cool Earth empowers the locals and solves the problem at the root, not just curing symptoms – that is something I care about in my work too. And it has proven results, just check out all the amazing stories!

Why the Mongol Derby and not any other crazy adventure?
When I first came to Mongolia in 2016 I was captured by the vastness of the country, the freedom I felt underneath these clouds and the incredible thrill while riding a Mongolian horse (see photo). How else could I combine my passion for horses with the biggest physical and mental challenge I have ever faced with doing good for the world at the same time? And while I put myself through this you can just follow me on the tracker:

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