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Me, Ed James and Jamie Stoller are embarking on a 3,000km Indian adventure in a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower. The Rickshaw Run is easily the least sensible thing to do with two weeks. No set route, no back-up, no way of knowing if we're going to make it. The only certainty is that we will get lost, we will get stuck and we will break down. It's just us in a wholly unsuitable vehicle, traversing the subcontinent enduring whatever shit the road throws at us in order to raise money for the charity coolearth in order to protect rainforests, because we love tree's. Check out the disclaimer - Warning You may have guessed, but these are genuinely dangerous things to do. The website is written in a light-hearted fashion but you cannot overestimate the risks involved in taking part in these adventures. Your chances of being seriously injured or dying as a result of taking part are high. Individuals who have taken part in the past have been permanently disfigured, seriously disabled or lost their life. These are not holidays. These are adventures and so by their very nature extremely risky. You really are putting both your health and life at risk. That's the whole point.

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