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“I liteRALLY Khan’t Even” is going to drive over 16,000 km from London to Mongolia, through 20 countries, tackling some of the world’s most dangerous roads. Other risks include and are not exclusive to: abduction by the KGB and/or Taliban and spending the next 12 years becoming sympathetic to their mission, earthquakes, landslides, explosive diarrhea attacks, or some other freak act of God. So mate, this ain’t no cake walk. If you’re feeling like saving the rainforest, PRESS THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW (not above). Are we insane? Yeah, look, it’s likely. But mate, clattering through pot holes deeper than Lake Baikal makes for one hell of a story… if we make it. Thanks, and remember not all those who wander are lost, but we probably will be. Help us make the world a better place, one pothole, flat tire and lost panel at a time. If you want us to promote your business on our journey, contact us on [email protected] for more information and sponsorship opportunities.

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