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What is tracking number? Once you buy something and the seller sends it to you, it usually gives you a number called tracking number. The tracking number is a universal alphanumeric code composed of 13 characters that is registered to a packet during its sending. In which the first 2 letters represent the shipping category (normal or by EMS), the 9 middle numbers the package code and the last two letters the country of origin of the package. This code is very important, since it is the only way to follow it and it is proof for possible claims about the loss of the package. Once you have that number, you have to wait a few days, since the crawls usually take time to be updated. Using 17 Track We've already got to the heart of the track, how to use and understand 17 track. If we make more than one purchase, and we have more than one tracking number, 17 track allows us to put them at the same time and sends us the complete tracking of them. So we access the 17 track website: http://www.17track.net/index_en.shtml Enter the numbers as shown in figure 1, each number to be tracked in a row without dots or commas. Once the numbers have been added we will press the red 'Track' button indicated in image 1. The web will track the results you see in the image 2. If you look to the right, in the OPERATE section of the result, next to each scan are the words 'Details' and 'Copy'. To see all tracking details in each number, press 'Details'. Do not be scared if you see that it is in Chinese. Make a copy of the summary, go to the translator and google solved! 17track api 17track app 17track alternative 17track aliexpress 17track apk 17track app download 17track aftership 17track alert 17track apk download 17track aliexpress standard shipping 17track beta

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