Slick Ricks Rickshaw Run Jan 2018


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The Slick Ricks love the Planet we live on, we love exploring and finding new places out there in the world. We want to do our part to protect the world and keep all the little paradises alive for other people to discover. We've taken on the challenge to raise money by partaking in the Rickshaw run - a race that involves a 7 horsepower, glorified lawnmower 3,000km down the length of India; Jaisalmer to Cochin. The three of us will be crammed into the Rick for 15 days. Aaron is the finance man looking after all of our precious Rupees. Sam is on navigation, he just needs to make sure the compass is still pointing south. Nick the most important man on the Rick is the mechanic. He is responsible for the daily repairs for the constant break downs we are expecting.

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