Slick Ricks Rickshaw Run Jan 2018

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The three of us; Sam, Nick and Aaron are partaking in the Rickshaw run - a race that involves driving a 7 horsepower, glorified lawnmower (or as they call it in India, a Rickshaw), 3,000km down the length of India from Jaisalmer to Cochin. For 15 painstaking days (assuming we make it to the finish line...), the trio and all of our luggage will be crammed into the Rickshaw/Tuk Tuk. Nick, the “Mr Fix-it” Mechanical Engineer has the pleasure of getting his hands dirty and fix the Rickshaw after the inevitable breakdowns. Sam the “navman” Highway Engineer is on navigation and needs to ensure the compass is still pointing south. Aaron, lacking any relevant practical skills but being the finance man is in charge of looking after our precious Rupees, or what little we have of it. All in all, it’s likely to be an absolute shambles, but is for a good cause. We’re doing the race to raise as much as we can for the Cool Earth charity and support their mission of preventing tropical deforestation and preserving global rainforests. We’ll try to catch as much of our struggles as we can on video and plan to run a video blog of our adventure. If you could be kind enough to generously donate to Cool Earth via our fundraising link, we’ll hopefully provide you with some laughs at our own expense!

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