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Google Feud, the Google Search Game By Andrea Ardións -Mar 16, 2015 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Google is aware that we like to search your browser, for this reason just launched a fun game in which we can launch our creativity or rather, how much we have as a fortune teller , since the key is to guess what word is the most sought after a certain phrase . Or put it more technically, how would Google autocomplete the following sentence ...? Google will show us a phrase and we will have to guess which word is most likely to appear in the search results . The only drawback is that at the moment it is only available in English , so we have no excuse to play some games and to improve our English, but be careful because it hooks . In a fully Google interface, we are shown 4 categories to choose among the following: Culture People Name (s Questions We must choose the category that we feel like most to start playing. Once selected, the round of questions will begin . The game basically consists of guessing which word is the successor of the phrase that Google shows us - based on the search results - or rather ... how would Google autocomplete this? feud-1 We have up to 3 opportunities to hit but eye, which is not simple. If we fail, we lose the game and it will show us something like the following image: feud-2 As we see in the previous image, it indicates to us that round we are - yes, I lost in the first one -, besides the total number of points. But the most interesting thing is that it offers us the number of searches for each word in particular , to give us an idea of ​​the extent to which they have more popularity one or the other. This at the level of SEO is very important, so that we have an idea of what words are most searched in the Google search engine . Google Feud in Spanish? Google Feud has not appeared today by surprise, but takes a few days between us. We do not know if it will close soon, but hopefully not because it is really fun. It remains to be seen if he will soon arrive in Spain , so that we can at least fully understand the questions in order to respond with a basis and win the rounds. In the meantime, we'll keep playing in English because it's too addictive to stop ... Have you played Google Feud? If you have not tried it, click below. google feud elizabeth google feud emily google feud eric google feud en francais google feud everything tastes google feud edward google feud english version google feud free google feud funny answers google feud frank google feud facebook is answers google feud france google feud football is google feud famous celebrity google feud from what age can babies

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