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Hey lads and lady’s Brett, Arna and myself are attempting to race Tuktuks through the gutts of India early next year, Cool Earth has a massive part to play in the game and we’ve gotta help them out. The rain forest is very important and beautiful and we actually need it, not so much all the Palm oil that’s coming out of it or anything else at that! As most of you know a lot of it is been destroyed for palm oil plantations. In the last 40 years HALF the amount of rain forest have been destroyed and cleared for human consumption world wide, obviously not just for palm oil. Cool Earth is giving the local communities and tribals other options so they don’t sell out to palm oil industry and others alike. They work alongside the locals to give them more control of there land and better resources in those communities. Think about the monkeys and sloths people they want there homes safe and sound too...

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