Never a Daal Moment – Rickshaw Run January 2018

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We've decided to undertake an irresponsible and dangerous expedition because each other's company affects our judgement. When a joke becomes an idea, and an idea becomes reality, it all gets a bit serious. We signed up without really thinking it through, as we knew the more we found out about it, the less likely we were to do it. Its now too late, and we don't have a choice. The three of us are taking part in The Rickshaw Run, racing a tuktuk from Jaisalmer in the north of India, to Cochin near the southern tip, against about 70 other teams. The 7 horsepower, glorified lawnmower is without a doubt the worst possible vehicle for this journey. It is by far the least sensible thing any of us have done. And thats no mean feat. People have been seriously injured. People have not returned. One of our main aims is to not fall in to either of those categories, along with hitting some sweet jumps. The numbers... Crew members - 3. Total distance - 3,000km (lets call it 3,500 to account for shortcuts). Time limit - 2 weeks . Top speed - 25mph (downhill). Breakdowns - numerous. Toilet stops - numerous. Moments of sheer desperation - numerous.

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