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In the first month of the year 2018 Anno Domini, Brandt Carpenter Scheidemantel, Alexander Kerr Dow and William Charles Augustus Bryant, in a wanton act of reckless abandon, will race 4-stroke madness machines across the Sahara desert, over the Atlas mountains and onward to the chilling shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Mounted on insufficiently powerful, inappropriately sized, and wholly unreliable 48cc Monkey Bikes, these Three Moroccan Musketeers will complete a Great Journey from the sands of Merzouga to the shores at Agadir in just 7 glorious days. Parched. High and Dry. Lost. Found. Westward bound and broken down. Undoubtedly a Sand Sprint of sorts that would leave even the bravest of lads with a load of sand in his trousers come the finish line. Will you not aid them in this perilous journey? Will you leave them deserted to struggle in the treacherous, arid flats of the Moroccan Sahara? No, of course you won't. Because you're a damn good pal. How can you help? Donate to the cause for which these intrepid daredevils ride. Donate to save rain forests, jungles, those magical places where you can still get lost. Donate to make the world less boring. If we didn't have any of these magnificent and awe-inspiring places to visit, all of our lives would become a whole lot more dull. Please donate to Cool Earth so that the wild, inspiring places of the Earth will abound for generations to come. Sincerely yours in the destruction of boredom, The Three Moroccan Musketeers

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