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On the 1st January 2018. Paul and I will be setting off on an epic 3,400km journey to raise money for the Cool Earth charity. Starting in the Northern deserts of India, close to the border with Pakistan, we will attempt to drive a clapped out glorified lawn mower known as a Tuk Tuk all the way to India’s Southern Peninsula. Did I mention we only have two weeks to get to our end point? There’s no route, no plans and absolutely no back up or support! Two guys, one Tuk Tuk, a shed load of determination and acventures & plenty of breakdowns along the way. Please help us to raise some money for this incredible charity and follow our adventure as we aimlessly meander our way throughout India. Every penny counts and no donation is too small.

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Our rainforests are home to 350 million people and although they make up only 6% of the World's land surface they contain more than 2/3 of its biodiversity and over 6 million species. The Amazon Rainforest alone contains more than 4 hundred billion trees and 16,000 different species.
1 Acre of rainforest equates to 240 trees, 76,000 tonnes of water a year and 260 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide being released into the atmosphere. That's the same as driving a car aroud the world 32 times.
Every minute we lose 150 acres of rainforest to clearing.
We are aiming to raise £1000 for the Cool Earth Charity which will help to save around 16 acres of rainforest, build first aid posts and provide emergence medical evacuation for tribes people. Children from the communities will also be given access to schooling.



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