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4 friends driving to the vast and empty Mongolia. For all we get from mother earth, she deserves the best protection in return. So let's raise money for that!

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In the summer of 2018 the roads will lead us to the vast emptiness of the Mongolian steppe. We are Ruben, Kristof, Jannes and Thomas and we set out to witness some of the lesser touched places on earth. But those places get sparse with many disastrous effects. Through our participation in the Mongol Rally, we support the good cause of Cool Earth. They help to protect the pristine rain forests of our world, the most powerful ecosystems on land that support life all over the globe. Besides that it is our easiest way to mitigate global warming. For everything we get from our mother Earth and the adventures she let us experience, the least we can do is try to raise a shitload of money!

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