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Office Ally will integrate into its WellTrackONE 24/7 EHR ™ electronic health records software over the next few months to offer a complete solution for its customers. Through these visits, WellTrackONE critical wellness will capture more than 280 data points that will help physicians identify the main risk factors of their patients. Once identified, doctors can initiate treatment plans to prevent the onset of chronic diseases and diseases.

"This new product perfectly complements the Allied Model Office by providing physicians with an easy and effective way to use automation to improve their practices, bring new efficiencies to their offices, and diversify their sources of income," said Brian O'Neill , founder and CEO of Office ally. "In addition, the data that will be available through WellTrackONE will be a valuable source of information for the type of patient management that translates into better care."

WellTrackONE will be working closely with the Office Ally to generate all Medicare reports and to provide clients with an annual global wellness office ally visit solution from patient contact, Medicare eligibility verification and planning. All this will be done with minimal impact on your staff and no change in the workflow of the doctor.

"Because of the depth of services that the Office Ally offers its clients, we are proud to be selected as the provider of a complete annual wellness service visit solution," said Peter Bechtel, WellTrackONE CEO. "With the changes physicians occupy today, including reimbursement cuts, the integration of the WellTrackONE Office with partner solutions provides them with an important financial and clinical advantage.They not only obtain a new and important source of income, but are provided with a population management tool that improves their care plans and positions for the changing sanitary landscape. "

WellTrackONE practices helps generate considerable income and predict risk in the Medicare population by administering a full-service spa annual program with optional visit to the treatment of chronic patients. More information can be obtained at [email protected]

Office Ally is the only organization in the country that offer health care providers a complete set of income cycle management services. In addition to its electronic medical records, its interactive product suite of ASP Internet-based solutions includes a patient medical record - Allied Patient ™, practice management software - Mate ™ Practice, and the OA-Rx e-prescription prescription module making it easy and safe while improving patient care. All Office Allied products and services are offered at minimal or no cost to providers and are backed by a larger health care service and customer service center available 24/7.

Founded in 2000 Office Ally currently works with more than 330,000 suppliers and 5,600 insurance companies in all 50 states. It also houses eligibility for almost 400 IPAs and small health plans. More information can be obtained at
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