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As time goes by, My friend and I became more and more sensitive to the environment. We wanted to make a move.
So together with the help of Cool Earth we want to fight deforestation in Peru, DR Congo and Papoua New Guinea.

But also we were looking for waking our adventurous side up. That is why we decided to do the craziest things never done in our lives.
The Mongol Rally and we are really excited to take part of it.

With a small vehicle we are going to ride for thousands miles with no help across Europe and Asia.
We know it will not completely safe but we love the adrenaline rush it could provide and it could be our best adventure ever.
At the same time, we wish also raising funds to plant trees to fight deforestation.

I hope as you read this that you are as excited as we are to help for a good cause.

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