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Riding half way across the world on a dinky 125cc motorbike to raise awareness for Rainforest preservation! Your donations are greatly appreciated and will go a long way to preserving the forests for generations to come!

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The Mongol Rally, which begins in Europe and ends in Ulan-Ude (Russia), is an annual charity event organized by The Adventurists where hundreds of teams participate in a mad dash across the continents and chaos ensues along the way.

The 2018 rally begins on July 15th and each team has approximately 8 weeks to get to the finish line although how quickly each team does it is up to them.

There is no set route, it has to be done in a crappy little car or motorbike, you have to raise £1000 for charity, and you are left to your own wits to survive once you leave the comforts of Europe.

It's dirty, chaotic, wild, and fast-paced but it's one hell of an adventure.


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