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Just because we already, thanks to all you amazing sponsors, reached our first 3.000£ goal we are Not stopping. On the contrary. We just raised the goal to 4500 £. Never stop donations. Help us! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING FOR OUR PLANET! Too tall, too bald and too energetic, to be driving in a slow moving, bumpy, smelly and without a doubt very uncomfortable rickshaw on a 3000 km journey through India - what can not possibly go wrong?! But there is a reason behind the madness. We are on a mission to raise money for saving the rain forest, and you can help us... We have 2 goals: 1; Get to the finish line. 2; Raise a minimum of 1 GBP for each kilometer we drive. We will add up the kilometers, and you can help adding up the money for this good cause

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Family, friends, colleagues and those of you who never have heard about us! We do the hard part and you do the finance part. Together we can give this beautiful planet of ours a little helping hand which is highly needed, by donating whatever you have available to help saving the rain forest.
So help us in this good cause and make a small (or LARGE) donation
We will do the driving, and we hope you will help us raise enough money.
IF you donate more than 300 GBP you will get to have your Logo (15x15cm) on our very cool Richshaw, and rememeber - charity is 100% deductible - so you have no reasons not to support this case (we know you have the money)

If yo want to see where it is we are driving, click on this link:

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