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Like all the best ideas this started in the pub. Somewhere between our fifth and sixth pint, the ominous line “Have you heard of the Ice Run?” was uttered. Almost a year later the arrangements are finalised and team ‘Icy Dead People’, aka Samuel Bond and Chris Miller, are about to drive a vintage Russian Ural motorcycle with sidecar 1,500 kilometres through the Siberian wilderness. In the middle of winter. Described as being ‘built like a tank, slightly rusty and often unreliable’, our motorbike will take us up the biggest frozen lake in the world, the incomparable Lake Baikal. Once off the lake we'll attempt to navigate through hundreds of kilometres of frozen forests and rivers right back to where we started. The whole trip should take around 12 days, camping on ice and snow as we make our way through an icy landscape that varies from something resembling a polished skating rink to surfaces covered in more bumps and craters than the moon - any of which can jump, flip, or downright destroy our ‘tank’ of a bike. Our adventure starts on March 12th and should finish around March 24th. You can hopefully follow our progress (or lack of) as we go on this map. There's not much doubt we'll also have plenty of stories to write up and photos to post should we make it back in one piece, along with a few other surprises. We are not doing this solely due to a serious lapse in judgement and an extreme penchant for danger, we are also raising money for a good cause. This crazy endeavour is arranged through ‘The Adventurists’ and we are raising money for their official charity Cool Earth. By working with indigenous communities, Cool Earth aims to protect and increase rainforests, which act as natural CO2 sponges that can combat climate change. Cool Earth are a well run and effective charity with low admin costs, and 100% of what you donate will go to them, so your donation really does make a difference. Thank you in advance for your support. Your donations, combined with Russian vodka, will go a long way to making this feat seem possible.

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