Mongol Rally, the idiots that shouldn’t be allowed abroad

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Al'right my lovers! On a drunken whim somehow we made the decision to gather the finest minds and machinery to undertake an epic journey which is the Mongol Rally. Unfortunately we couldn't find either so here we are, a bunch of idiots armed with gaffer tape a spanner and the shittiest car about to undertake some of the World's most dangerous and inhospitable terrain, being towed and pushed through mountains, deserts and rivers all in the name of charity.

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As a team we are passionate about the state of the environment, the planet we live on and the perils it faces. Through our travels we have seen first hand the demise of the indigenous peoples of many countries and are excited to be in a position to help aid their plight. So please dig deep guys, anything is appreciated. We thank you for any contribution to make this adventure possible, and what better cause then to save the planet.

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