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Let me tell you a quick story - Back in 2017, three London-based friends, Ryan, Pablo, and Mike, got together to plan their next grand trip. Many ideas came to their heads, but none convinced them enough to go with it. One time, Ryan mentioned: "Hey guys, I've heard about this 2,500km race over India". The other two looked at Ryan blankly, physical exercise had never been their strength. "It is on a motor rickshaw" Ryan added. And right then and there, they signed up. Our three heroes started to organise (and subsequently procrastinate) all the things needed for the trip: vaccines, visas, driving license, medicines, attempt to understand basic mechanics, many team name ideas, travel insurance... for their great adventure. But something was missing: a cause. They felt like they could actually do something with this grand adventure. The Adventurists (aka race organiser) got in touch regarding Cool Earth, the non-profit our amigos decided to raise money for. Why you may ask? Well, Cool Earth works to put a stop to deforestation and climate change. Deforestation is a true problem in today's world, for you to have an idea, in the last 40 years, half of the world's rainforests have been wiped out. And they are fighting it by putting the local communities in charge to create sustainable and independent groups to take care of the areas. They aren't tree huggers, they are saving the rainforests while helping the locals get out of poverty. And the three adventurers liked the idea. They love to see the world. And they would hate to see it destroyed. Where would they travel? So please, help Pablo, Ryan, and Mike raise some money for Cool Earth by clicking donate below. Every little donation will be very helpful!

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