Seb, Gary and Porty on the Rickshaw Run!!

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In August we are taking part in a 3500km charity race from north to south India in a 7hp tuk tuk, capable of the mind boggling speeds of 55kmph (downhill, if the wind's behind us) We have paid for tickets/flights and associated expenses, we are looking to raise at least £1000 for Cool Earth. They do some amazing work stopping deforestation by helping local communities work together to earn money to flourish, rather than joining the illegal loggers that destroy our rainforests.

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In our busy day to day lives it's easy to forget and not think about sustainability and taking care of the world we live in.

Rather than sit around feeling guilty about it donate some money to us and we will do the hard part for you.

Below you will find links to Cool Earth where you can learn about their projects and the Rickshaw Run so you can see the crazy adventure we are about to undertake!

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