Elli, Richard and Manesh do The Rickshaw Run!! Lord help us all.

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O bhagavan! Ell, Richard and Manesh (aka Ell's Elephants) have decided it is a good idea to sample Indian adventuring at its best, in a 7 horsepower cake tin on wheels. Yup that's right... roughly 3,000km in about 2 scorching April weeks up India's west coast... in a (pimped up) rickshaw. Highlights will possibly include Goa, Mumbai and Manesh's family village (if we find any of them) and will definitely include getting lost, breaking down, being upside-down and sweating endlessly. Find out more about this epic adventure at http://www.theadventurists.com/rickshaw-run/ and check out our "un-route" from Kochi to Jaisalmer at http://www.theadventurists.com/rickshaw-run-unroute . Or even easier, just watch the video below! And finally, seeing as you've already made it this far, please do sponsor us and help support Cool Earth. More details below!

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– Sir David Attenborough

If it's good enough for Sir David then it's good enough for us! Please help save the planet by donating generously to this worthy cause. Your reward will be hilarious photos/videos of our struggle* and that warm fuzzy feeling of donating to charity. Thank you and please wish us luck!

* subject to not dropping or getting mugged of our phones and cameras along the way, i.e. don't hold your breath.


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