Rickshaw Run Himalaya: A Journey to Cooler Places

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Tom and Coco are off on the 22nd June on a journey beyond where our feet can carry us, the Himalayas. Despite a grave fear of heights, 3 out of our four legs being rickety and the possibility of plummeting into many sizeable crevasses, we’ve decided it would be a fabulous idea to take an auto-rickshaw on an unsupported journey through the winding tracks of one of natures most beautiful, albeit perilous, landscapes. They have tiny wheels, terrible ground clearance, bad suspension, absolutely no protection from the elements and they're incredibly unreliable. Not exactly suited to unpaved roads. Why then, you may ask? For fun, for frolics and for some thrill seeking adventure to fill up our life long memory box. But much more importantly, for Cool Earth. Cool Earth are a charity who work alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. Our goal is to raise £1,000 to support their mission. None of this money will go towards the cost of the trip itself, which we are funding ourselves. With nothing but a rucksack full of thermals, a tent for two, one very large bottle of gin and maybe a drone, we’ll be roughing it under the stars for a few weeks until we successfully reach the end of our adventure. Starting in the dusty town of Leh, India, we set off on our windy, windy, wet and certainly crumbly journey, venturing over mountain passes at 6,000 metres with cliff edges that will make your eyes water. These tracks are barely traversed on foot or horse, let alone a 7 horsepower auto-rickshaw that is barely suited for the city. We will eventually reach our final destination in Shimla for a well earned rest. Over the next few months, we’ll be partaking in a number of bizarre, bonkers and somewhat outrageous ventures to fundraise towards our £1,000 goal. We would be very grateful for any support! We semi promise to make it back in one piece, can’t say the same for the rick-shaw.... wish us luck. Coco & Tom

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