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Hi, We are two guys planning an epic 11,000 mile road trip but we estimate that this road trip will result in about 3 tons of carbon emissions! That's a LOT of carbon emissions for one road trip. What if we could not only offset them but use this as an opportunity to REALLY help the environment? That's where you come in! We are raising money for Cool Earth, a charity that works to protect millions of acres of rainforest across the world in a sustainable, cost efficient way. The charity works by funding local initiatives to reduce villages' reliance on logging for survival. From education programs to more efficient stoves, the villagers are able to live a better, more empowered life, all while saving the environment. For every acre of rainforest the charity tries to protect, the average loss of canopy per year is only 0.5% (versus 28% in unprotected areas)! And for every $1.34 you donate, they can help offset almost 1 ton of CO2 emissions and help keep the biodiversity we value so much.

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