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The Earth is in trouble, guys. Climate change is real and happening and forest loss contributes to more than 21% of all CO2 emissions. Keeping our rainforests standing is the simplest and cheapest way to mitigate climate change and generally be a good person. Of the world's remaining forests: - 46% are fragmented. - 30% are degraded. - AND ONLY 24% ARE INTACT. YIKES! Jon and I are crazy about the rainforest, so we're doing something crazy to support it: MONKEY RUN PERU. That's right, expert rider Jon and absolute n00b Elizabeth are hopping on some monkey bikes for a week and hoping to survive the breakdowns, the camping, the altitude, and the humidity of what may well be an ill-fated journey from the Andes to the Amazon. We're partnering with Cool Earth, which works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation. A few items on their resume are: - 234,436,540 TONNES OF CO2 LOCKED IN - 901,679 ACRES SAVED - 216,402,960 TREES KEPT STANDING Support us, and more importantly PROTECT THE ONLY EARTH WE HAVE, by sending some funds Cool Earth's way. *Seriously, guys, we've already paid a ton of money and they want us to give even more through fundraising, so help a brother/sister out. **For real, we need you. THE EARTH NEEDS YOU.

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